About KSP

About KSP

Information and communication technology (ICT) has strongly influenced human life, particularly in education. One of the leading national higher education institutions, Universitas Indonesia, uses ICT for various academic activities. Hence the establishment of Kantor Sumberdaya Pembelajaran (KSP) at UI as the backbone of ICT for such fields as e-learning and long distance learning.

KSP UI or Center for Learning Resources (CLR) was established in 2007. Its vision is “to be an excellent unit in supporting learning process and knowledge dissemination based on modern learning technology” and its mission is “to support teaching and learning process as well as to involve in capacity building by utilizing the learning technology and ICT”.

An overview of the objectives and functions of KSP is as follows:

  • E-Learning Help Desk . KSP provides consultation and assistance to students and lecturers for the development of ICT and e-learning-based courses.
  • Capacity Building. KSP trains academic staff in computer literacy, e-learning and multimedia-based courses and supports the use of ICT and e-Learning for new students.
  • ICT Based Learning Services. These include facilitating video conferences, podcasting, application of learning management systems (LMS), and courseware development through multimedia and e-Learning.
  • Managing ICT Based Learning Facilities, including GDLN center, a mini learning studio and the PDPT computer labs well as managing GDLN UI as an affiliate of the GDLN Asia Pacific network and as a local node of the INHERENT-Dikti network.

Functions and Services

In executing key tasks, KSP supports and cooperates with PPSI, the Directorates of Education and Learning Development, and Pusilkom UI. In particular, regarding e-learning, KSP has created numerous courses using LMS UI (SceLE). Over 1000 courses and tutorials have been distributed to 400 staff members and 6000 students since 2007 through the implementation of e-Learning at UI.

Since its establishment, KSP has conducted a wide variety of routine and developmental activities. These include:

  1. ICT-based module arrangement tutorials for all UI academic staff
  2. Monitoring and evaluating e-Learning
  3. Training Helpdesk MPKT A and B
  4. Admin Training for SCeLE Faculty/Program
  5. Recording lectures for Online Video Streaming

Personil KSP UI

Head of PPSP:
Gatot F Hertono
Administration :
Novianthi Dian Purnamawati
Financier :
Dyaningsih Rini Hapsari
Marketing Coordinator :
Ameriono Ismangil
GDLN Secretary :
Dyan Ekawati
Program and Development Coordinator :
T Ahmad Danial
E-Learning Helpdesk Coordinator:
Luwice Ma’luf
Operational Coordinator :
Rizqi Sani Hoerul Akbar
Pedagogical Support :
F. A. Triatmoko H. S.
Pedagogical Support :
Jati Nantiasa Ahmad