As a leading national institution, Universitas Indonesia plays a key role in acquisition, dissemination and development of learning techniques. This makes Information and Communication Technology (ICT) a key factor for UI in these roles.

In keeping with a strategic plan for ICT at Universitas Indonesia as a continuation of activities for the Center for Learning Resources (CLR) DUE-Like UI, the unit Pelayanan & Pengembangan Sumberdaya Pembelajaran (PPSP)/ Center for Learning Resources (CLR) UI was established. This reflects UI’s commitment to ICT-based learning for intra- and inter-campus studies.

The infrastructure and facilities of UI are a key factor in the continued operation of PPSP. For instance, there is an IT Training Center (ITTC) and GDLN is closely linked to activities at PPSP.

The objectives and functions of PPSP are as follows:

  • E-Learning Help Desk. PPSP provides consultation and assistance to lecturers and students about the development and execution of ICT and e-learning-based studies.
  • Capacity Building. Here, PPSP trains lecturers in computer literacy, e-Learning and multimedia-based learning, as well as supporting OBM activities related to ICT and e-learning-based activities for new students.
  • ICT Based Learning Services. These encompass a wide variety of activities, including video conferences, podcasting, learning management systems (LMS), and courseware development through multimedia and e-Learning.
  • Managing ICT Based Learning Facilities, including the GDLN center, mini learning studio, and the PDPT computer lab, as well as management activities of GDLN UI a network affiliate of GDLN Asia Pacific and a local node of the INHERENT-Dikti network.

Functions and services

In providing services within and outside UI, PPSP supports and relies on the interactions between IT Support (PPSI), Central Library, Academic Directorate, Computer Sciences Centre, etc.

An overview of this interaction is shown in the diagram below.

  1. E-LearningHelp Desk .  CLR (CLR berfungsi memberikan layanan konsultasi dan bantuan baik kepada dosen maupun mahasiswa di dalam pelaksanaan maupun pengembangan konten pembelajaran berbasis TIK dan e-Learning.
  2. Capacity Building. Dalam hal ini, PPSP berfungsi memberikan pelatihan bagi dosen dalam hal computer literacy, e-Learning dan pembelajaran berbasis multimedia serta dukungan dalam kegiaatan OBM terkait pembekalan materi TIK dan e-Learning bagi mahasiswa baru.
  3. ICT Based Learning Services. Fungsi layanan dalam proses pembelajaran berbasis TIK disini meliputi memfasilitasi video conference, podcasting, aplikasi learning management systems (LMS), dan pengembangan konten (courseware) berbasis multimedia maupun e-Learning.
  4. Managing ICT Based Learning Facilities. Fungsi ini meliputi pengelolaan GDLN center, mini studio pembelajaran, dan lab komputer PDPT.  Pengelolaan disini termasuk juga kegiatan manajemen GDLN UI sebagai afiliasi jaringan GDLN Asia Pasific dan local node dari jaringan INHERENT-Dikti.