Why long distance?

Universitas Indonesia (UI) is one of Indonesia’s leading universities. Its courses are spread out over 14 faculties and 1 vocational program. Moreover, it has created many innovative learning models for various areas of knowledge. On the other hand, many Indonesian universities lack the learning facilities required for academic development, hence the creation of a long distance learning system at UI.

The long distance learning program at UI utilizes communications and information technology to enhance the learning process. The result is widely known as e-learning, which is currently used as a learning medium both here and abroad, and still burgeoning. Through Kantor Sumber daya Pembelajaran (KSP), UI facilitates e-learning classes using services and facilities that exceed UI quality standards.

It is hoped that long distance learning will enable UI to optimize higher education services for areas where conventional learning methods are impossible to use, thus making studies more accessible throughout Indonesia.


  1. Makes higher education more accessible.
  2. Allows long-distance interaction between students and lecturers.
  3. Learning materials can be obtained anywhere, anytime.
  4. Learning activities are consistent with lecturers’ requirements and abilities.
  5. Allows learners to study independently.
  6. Diverse collection of learning materials.

UI long-distance learning programs include:

  1. Credit-based learning
  2. Students undertake an UI Long Distance Learning program, obtaining credits commensurate with the weighted value of the courses they have chosen
  3. Joint learning programs
  4. Joint courses with other universities using shared resources. Grading is derived from results of studies obtained by all universities involved.
  5. Master’s programs
  6. Students take courses in a complete study program utilizing long-distance learning at Universitas Indonesia from which they receive their degree

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