e-Learning training

Kantor Sumber daya Pembelajaran (KSP) is the unit which manages all e-learning activities at Universitas Indonesia. One of its activities e-learning training for the academic environment of Universitas Indonesia. KSP also has an e-learning training routine, called Information and Communication Technology (ICT)-based Learning Modules, and conducts in-house training for various faculties throughout Universitas Indonesia.

In providing e-learning training services, KSP distributes a comprehensive work plan. To receive in-house training, follow the procedure below:

  1. Check KSP Activity Schedule
    1. Clients check KSP activity schedule by visiting http://clr.ui.ac.id/ems
    2. Ensure all live streaming and video conferencing activities do not clash with any other activities
  1. Consulting lecturers

This involves e-learning tutorials overseen by the KSP e-learning team. Clients who wish to do this must visit Building A of the former Main Library of Universitas Indonesia, Depok, or via e-mail: ppsp@ui.ac.id

  1. Administrative

After completing steps 1 and 2, clients can send a letter requesting a video conference or live streaming to the head of KSP. This will not be received less than 3 days before video conference or live streaming.

Video conferencing and live streaming facilities use the facilities provided by KSP and are supported by those of the client, and depending on the requirements will be configured accordingly.