Helpdesk e-Learning

E-learning activities rely on three interconnected aspects: infrastructure, responsibilities, and human resources. Regarding the latter, KSP (Learning Resources), as the host for e-learning activities in UI, provide an e-learning helpdesk throughout the Depok and Salemba campuses at UI. Its services cover pre- and post- e-learning activities as well as e-learning itself, as follows:

  1. Pre- e-learning (tutorials on instructional design, program mapping, and consultation)
  2. E-learning (technical support for SCELE, videoconferencing and live streaming)
  3. Post- e-learning (monitoring and evaluation, editing and publishing footage)

Contact the KSP e-learning helpdesk weekdays between 09.00 – 16.00 WIB at the KSP office in Building A (formerly the Central Library) or via email :