In realizing the vision of University of Indonesia becoming a world-class research university and securing its place in an age of modern information technology development, the learning methods of UI require careful attention for development and improvement.

This was explicitly stated in the General Direction of Development for UI from 2007-12 (Keputusan Majelis Wali Amanat Universitas Indonesia Nomor : 005/SK/MWA-UI/2007) as “a greater focus on e-learning based teaching”, which implies a paradigm shift from teacher-centered to learner-centered teaching methods with all their consequences.

Anticipating every possibility of academic stewardship being compatible with e-learning methods, and also regarding rules as well as codes of ethics, the Board of Academic Stewardship has issued a book on e-learning stewardship for lecturers to use while they are at work.

  1. A Primer on Quality Assurance for E-Learning at Universitas Indonesia
  2. SK Rektor UI No 450/SK/R/UI/2008 on E-Learning at Universitas Indonesia
  3. SK Rektor UI No 1168/SK/R/UI/2010 on Long-Distance Learning at Universitas Indonesia