5th Studium Generale International Faculty of Medicine UI: “The Use of Mesenchymal Stem Cell for Musculoskeletal Problems”


Prof. dr. Jeanne Adiwinata Pawitan, MS, PhD, Professor of Department of Medicine; Histology Section, University of Indonesia

Internal Speaker
Dr. dr. Ismail Hadisoebroto Dilogo, SpOT(K), Academic staff and consultant in Trauma and Reconstruction Division, Department of Orthopaedic and Traumatology RSUPN dr. Cipto Mangunkusumo – Faculty of Medicine University of Indonesia.

Participating Sites

Timor Leste (Dili DLC)

The 5th studium generale international was held by Faculty of Medicine, Universitas Indonesia via video conference at Jakarta Distance Learning Center (JDLC) UI on November 25, 2014 from 09:00-11:00 am.

The session discussed about “The Use of Mesenchymal Stem Cell for Musculoskeletal Problems”. This two hours interactive session consists of presentations from two speakers and Q&A. Discussion focused on the use of MSC in musculoskeletal problems especially on non-union and bone defect cases.

Along with the advances in technology and science, researchers found a way that breathes new air in the field of medicine. Mesenchymal stem cell (MSC) is an adult stem cell derived from bone marrow in adult. Unlike the ESC, MSC free of controversial bioethical issues,does not have carcinogenesis potency and exist in every 250,000 nucleated cells in bone marrow. There are other means of obtaining stem cells but bone marrow-derived stem cell (bMSC) is the most studied and potential among others.

Studium Generale International Faculty of Medicine UI

Mesenchymal stem cell is a pluripotent cell which has the ability to differentiate into its lineage such as disc, cartilage, bone, and other mesenchymal derived soft tissues. In order to regenerate, a MSC needs osteoconductive as scaffold to fill the defect and osteoinductive materials for differentiation induction. The undifferentiated mesenchymal stem cell can be induced to become adipogenic, osteogenic, chondrogenic, and myogenic.

The use of MSC in musculoskeletal problems have been studied widely especially on non-union and bone defect cases. Cartilage defect has also been studied and shown promising result to improve patient satisfaction, pain free and functional activity. Although currently in our center MSC use in musculoskeletal cases still been in the translational study, more and more researches to improve efficiency, increase result satisfaction, and increase efficacy in order to be able to be applied in daily clinical practice.

Once the presentation is complete, the session continued with question and answer to both speaker, so it could help participants to know more about materials.

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