APO e-Learning Course on Service Sector Innovation Session #2

Timing and Duration

8-11 Sep, 2014

Implementing Organizations

National Productivity Organization

Ministry of Manpower and Transmigration, Jakarta

IR Iran
National Iranian Productivity Organization

Malaysia Productivity Corporation

Vietnam Productivity Centre

Thailand Productivity Institute


To provide an understanding of the concept of innovation from a service sector perspective for enhancing productivity, learn and share about the implementation strategies for successful application of innovation in the service sector, and promote innovation in the service sector by sharing success stories.

This course is offered through videoconferencing using the World Banks’s Global Development Learning Network. In Indonesia, it was held at Jakarta Distance Learning Center (JDLC), Univevrsity of Indonesia. The course is implemented in two sessions. Each country team made presentations to share their experiences in service sector innovation which moderated by a local coordinator. On the last day, a written examination is conducted to test participants learning from the course.


  • Overall concept of service sector innovation
  • How to apply an innovation framework for the service sector
  • Sharing best practices


  • This course will consist of e-lectures and presentations, group discussion, field visit(s), group presentations, and exam.

The service sector plays a vttal role in a country’s economic growth. This has become especially evident recently in the Asia-Pasific region. The service sector is the one of the major contributors to the GDP of many APO member countries. However, the overall productivity level of the service sector is not very high. Thus, the promotion of productivity and service sector innovation is crucial to drive national economics.

Economic growth in adcanced economics with a good quality of life typically is dominated by the service sector. The sector can have a significant influence on the strength of the national economy. This requires joint efforts by stakeholders to raise service quality and create an experience of hospitality for customers. There has been increasing demand to improve productivity in the service sector, although this is challenging. Service sector innovation can result in quantum leaps in productivity and involves harnessing the creativity of employees to increase efficiency and enhance overall performance.

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