APO e-Learning Course on Green Productivity Session #2

Timing and Duration

18-21 August, 2014

Implementing Organizations

National Productivity Organization, Dhaka

National Training and Productivity Centre, Fiji National University, Suva

Ministry of Manpower and Transmigration, Jakarta

IR Iran
Mational Iranian Productivity Organization, Tehran

Malaysia Productivity Coorporation, Petaling Jaya

National Productivity Organization, Islamabad


To equip the participants with in-depth knowledge of Green Productivity (GP) and strategic resource planning and management, tools, technique, and technolohies and enable them ti design green growth strategies.

This course implemented at the GDLN center in each country. In Indonesia, it was held at Jakarta Distance Learning Center (JDLC), University of Indonesia. Each resource spekaer delivered presentations from his/her home country or the nearest member country participating in this course. These presentations very interactive, involving exercises and case studies while allowed participantts to ask questions. In each session of the course, there was five to six country groups. Each country group moderated by a country project coordinator in each GDLN center.


  • Concept of green productivity
  • Green productivity methodology
  • Tools for green productivity
  • Techniques for green productivity
  • Case studies of green productivity implementation


  • Online lectures
  • Online group discussions
  • Online presentations of case studies
  • Site visit(s)
  • Exam

Green Productivity is a strategy for simultaneously enhancing productivity and environmental performance for overall socioeconomic development that leads to sustained improvement in the quality of human life. It is combined application of appropriate productivity and environmental management tools, techniques, and technologies that reduce the environmental impact of an organization’s activities, products, and services while enhancing profitability and competitive advantage.

Since 1994, the APO has been in the forefront in promoting this strategy in member countries through various modalities including conferences, exhibitions, workshops, seminars, and training courses. In additon to these efforts, the APO has published green productivity training manuals and handbooks to provide gudlines and references for potential trainers and practitioners. This course served as an introduction to the concept of green productivity and its implementation. The participants would have opportunity to understand the green productivity methodology, tools, and practices and worked on exercises to understand green productivity implementation.

The APO has been organized this e-learning course via the World Bank Globbal Development Learning Network (GDLN) platform. The APO and Tokyo Development Learning Center (TDLC) have worked together over the last few years to organize a number of projects utilizing the GDLN for distance learning seminars for member countries with access to the neccessary IT facilities. Based on past success, the same modality is proposed to train more participants in green productivity in this three session course, covering 11 member countries.

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